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Action-oriented sessions and discussions around best practices in business and innovation featuring a diverse group of subject matter experts and thought leaders.

Thursday May 4, 2023

OCLC Conference Center, Dublin, OH.

Speaker Lineup

Sessions & Topics

During this workshop for DEI leaders fighting to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion remains a top priority in their organization during an uncertain economic climate you will learn 3 new negotiation tactics and get a DEI Negotiation script in case of an unexpected budget cut.

Explore the benefits to practicing mindfulness, meditation, and wellbeing in the workplace including, decreased stress and tension; increased energy stamina, and productivity; and an increased sense of clarity and purpose.

Learn how to implement Fair Chance employment as a crucial component of  DEI strategy, and explore sustainable workplace policies and strategies that promote employee success and empower organizations to fully harness the benefits of Fair Chance employment.

In this session we’re going to reveal the secret to creating an engaged and successful team. Everyone has the choice to become a multiplier of positive impact. This session will inspire you to look within, challenge you to think differently, and provide you with tools to help cultivate a thriving work culture.

Stopping dei budget cuts


fair chance employment

Employee engagement

As champions of diversity we have the power to keep the momentum of 2020 going with advocacy and allyship. But, how does one become a better advocate and ally? Join this session to hear ideas on better advocacy and allyship so you can keep the momentum going!

Products:  Build for everyone, by everyone. 
It is common knowledge that diverse teams build better products. This fun and interactive workshop will embrace the existing differences between us and how to leverage those differences for inclusive design. 

intersectional identities

Intersectionality is an often overlooked function of diversity, but we are all the sum of our parts How does the layering of multiple identities and experiences impact our experience in the workplace? How can employers support the multifaceted identities of their employees?

Veterans and veteran spouses face unique challenges and barriers when transitioning from a military career to a corporate career. How can employers can tap into this talent pool by helping them recapture a sense of belonging and community?

Effective Advocacy

Inclusive product design


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