Inclusion & Retention

Retain Your Talent

Once you build a diverse team, how do you encourage them to stay? While most companies today know that they need a diverse staff to thrive, we find that many struggle with creating an inclusive environment capable of retaining diverse and minority employees. Our broad range of solutions for improving organizational retention and creating an inclusive company culture includes current program evaluation, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis through culture surveys and targeted focus groups, collaboration with internal teams, benchmark identification, communication coaching, roadmapping, and implementation of inclusive practices across all levels of your organization.

Diversity Hiring

Grow Your Business

At Level we offer Executive Search and Direct Hire services to help our clients "level" the playing field within their organizations, and in turn, improve their earning potential, unrealized innovation prospects, and overall company culture. At the highest level, we can help to identify socially and professionally diverse board members for your company, creating true top-down change. Level D&I also provides hourly consultants in IT and business professional roles including Operations, HR, Finance, Legal, and Marketing. We are MSP & VMS friendly and our recruiting practices ensure fair access and opportunities for diverse and minority candidates.

Training & Learning

Create Cultural Alignment

Level D&I Solutions offers deep industry knowledge, research-backed methodologies, and customizable solutions to help you solve the most relevant issues to your organization. Our change management mindset, plus a top-down and bottom-up approach, promotes saturation of DE&I initiatives for our clients. Level's eLearning offering is an action-based training platform designed to provide real and engaged learning. Our training is based on the Action, Feedback, Trigger model, which results in a 20X higher engagement and completion rates than a traditional LMS and means that learners are 10X more likely to retain course knowledge.