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Retain Your Talent

While most companies today know that they need a diverse staff to thrive, we find that many struggle with creating an inclusive environment. Once you build your diverse team, how do you maintain it? Level is here to help you employ solutions for retention. Our expert consultants will evaluate your current D&I practices, provide solutions to improve your environment, and help you implement inclusive practices across all levels of your organization.


Diversity Hiring

Grow Your Business

On average, racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35% and teams with an equal representation of men and women earn 40% more revenue than unbalanced teams. At Level we offer Executive Search and Direct Hire services to help our clients "level" the playing field within their organizations, and in turn, improve their earning potential, creativity, and company culture. Level D&I also provides hourly consultants in variety of professional areas including: IT, Business, Operations, HR, Finance, and Marketing. 

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Trainings & Surveys

Create Cultural Alignment

Covid-19 and the recent cultural shift brought on by one of the largest civil rights movements in history have changed our world in a very significant way, and individual and societal values are shifting as a result. Is your organization prepared for this shift? Let Level D&I ensure cultural alignment through recurring employee engagement surveys and targeted trainings around Conflict Resolution, Unconscious Bias, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development, Sensitivity Training, Allyship, Defining DE&I for Your Organization, and more!‚Äč


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